Melrose R. Limerick and Associates, P.C. provides industry-focused services for public and private clients.
Our experienced staff, combined with our knowledge of the industry, allow us to provide the support you need, whatever the size of your organization.
US tax services
We provide quality tax services and in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets in which our clients operate in is crucial. We can help your firm address challenges through a distinctive combination of tax planning, compliance, industry, and regulatory experience. Our tax practice is comprised of numerous specialty and sector groups where varied backgrounds, education, experience and skills are required to meet the changing needs and expectations of our clients.

Advisory services
Particular emphasis is placed on the client priorities of performance improvement, internal audit, crisis management and transactions. Specifically, we can help with Performance Improvement; Internal audit; and Crisis management. Whether you are pursuing new opportunities; dealing with a serious event; or managing the daily pressures of growth, competition and shareholder value, we're here to help.

Audit and assurance services
Our audit and assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business. We can also provide recommendations which will help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Our audit service is underpinned by our deep industry knowledge, wide experience and skilled professionals. Depending on the independence and regulatory requirements that may be applicable, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, some of our services may not be available to audit clients.
Challenges are a part of daily life. In business, confronting those challenges head-on requires commitment, perseverance, and knowledge. The challenges facing today's executives include: on-going changes within the regulatory environment, risk management, fighting fraud, and managing the needs of the very people that keep today's complex businesses afloat. We work closely with our clients to both manage those challenges, and find new ways to excel in the marketplace. Visit this area soon to see a list of situations other clients are facing and how Melrose R. Limerick and Associates, P.C. found solutions.
At Melrose R. Limerick and Associates, P.C., we organize around industries to share the latest research and points of view on emerging industry trends, develop industry-specific performance benchmarks, and share methodologies and approaches in complex areas such as financial instruments and tax provisioning. We deliver these expertise to private, public and government sectors. Our multi-disciplinary teams bring experience as well as comprehensive knowledge of US and local issues and regulations.
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