Melrose R. Limerick and Associates, P.C. provides industry-focused services for public and private clients. Our experienced staff, combined with our skill level, allow us to provide the support you need at whatever the size of your organization.
Melrose R. Limerick and Associates P.C.'s personal financial counseling enables individuals to build value, manage risk and improve performance through a customized approach that reflects who they are and where they want to go. We can help you design strategies that can effectively preserve and enhance your wealth by assessing your complex financial situation. Whether you are a family business owner, an executive for a multinational corporation, a company employee, or a high net worth individual—we have a solution for you.

Our individual financial advice aims to create and protect wealth and increase income. We provide services in the following areas:

Personal tax services
Executive financial planning
Employee financial planning
Now more than ever, privately held companies are challenged to stay competitive. Global competition, shrinking sales and tighter margins are among several of the chief concerns. Such measures as customizing solutions to key customers, containing costs and increasing efficiencies to improve profits are no longer an option—but a necessity for survival. We assist our clients in preparing and formulation a budget with an emphasis on target marketing to assist in realizing the success of the business.
Business Improvement is central to enhancing shareholder value. Companies can only do this if they have the right processes, systems, skills and information. Key components are financial effectiveness, IT effectiveness and regulatory compliance. Melrose R. Limerick and Associates, P.C. assist our clients with these key components to propel the company into financial success.
Advisory services
   Crisis management
   Internal audit
   Performance improvement
   Audit and assurance
   Actuarial & insurance management
   Corporate governance
   Government services
   Human resource services
   Employee communications
   Health & welfare
   HR effectiveness
   HR transaction services
   Retirement benefits services
   Total compensation

Private company services
   Advisory services
   Attest services
   Law firm services
   Personal financial services
   Tax services

Tax services
   Business compliance services
   International tax services
   National economic conslting
   Transfer pricing
   Transaction group
   State and local tax

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